Definition of ISoCaRTM:

"Incremental System of Compound and Reinvestment"

It's all in the name. Expectant parents often say:

"I'll know his/her name when they're born."

And there's probably no place on earth where a name is more important than on the web because the first thing you "meet" is the ... domain name.

So, in line with the post on the 20th entitled Thinking Outside the eBay Box, here is today's incremental tip:

Choose an eBay Name, and especially an eBay Shop Name, that describes your business AND receives a large number of enquiries in the search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Remember that both Keyword Elite and Adwords Analyzer can save you oodles of time when it comes to discovering popular search terms. However, just a brief word of caution:

When you're combining what you are selling and a popular search term to create your names, be sure to create ones with longevity in mind. Steer well clear of the search terms that are a media-frenzy today and a distant memory in just a few months time.

Keep compounding those incremental steps,