There's been an awful lot of talk this year about The Secret and the Law of Attraction Now I have to admit that I enjoy reading, watching and listening to what many see as just psycho-babble clap-trap.

We seem to be living in a world that has swung 180 degrees into disbelief when it comes to anything intangible. All too often, spiritual is confused with religious, yet these two aspects of life are diametrically opposed.

So how does this help me develop the approach to rapid eBay selling?

Well, let's answer that by taking a quick step back in time, to our school days and the science labs.

Do you remember those experiments that you pretended to pay attention to, you know the ones with the magnets, small iron nails and paper clips? Experiments seemed either too complicated and irrelevant; or they seemed too simple and irrelevant. Either way, they just seemed irrelevant - didn't they?

Little did you know that rather than poking those stubby iron nails in the buttock of Anne-Marie all those years ago, you should have been listening to Mr Harris. He knew that, one day, something would come along that could make you a veritable fortune with what he was teaching you. Oh, if only you had listened, eh?

You see, the physics of magnets is like a micro-expression of far greater universal laws that are, even, apparent when selling on eBay or any business for that matter. When you put together your listings on eBay do you see yourself and your listing as "magnets"? Without realising it, are you attracting "looky-loos" - prospects where there is no immediate magnetism?

Rather than selling, I have come to believe that I am either attracting potential buyers or repelling them. The colours I choose for the listing, the language and tone of the writing, the imagery used or lack of it. Whatever I decide upon I only look to make myself attractive to certain people.

I accept that MOST people will be repelled by my listing. Yes, repelled! (The stats prove that. Examine the ratio of visitors to buyers for any listing.) Therefore, they will NEVER EVER EVER have anything to do with me, let alone buy from from me.

It's nothing personal. There's just no magnetism; no attraction factor.

So, don't sell ... Attract.

Make it as easy as possible to attract the right prospects by ensuring that your fundamentals are solid. Your product Category, listing Title and item Description must all match-up. This is a vital trio to start attracting the maximum number of suitable prospects. A Dell PC, for example, is not the same as a Dell laptop. Pretty obvious right? As well it should be but telling prospective buyers that it's an "Inspiron" in the item description without telling them in the title, is too late. You have reduced the number of people drawn to you and your sales as a consequence.

Nothing escapes the "Attraction Factor" - not even the world of eBay selling!